Katie Cole
Miss Nationwide 2015

Miss Nationwide 2016

Entry Deadline:
September 15th, 2016

Welcome to the Miss Nationwide Pageant!

Congratulations to Katie Cole, representing Iowa!  She is Miss Nationwide 2015!!

Miss Nationwide 2015 Results
Miss Nationwide 2015:  Katie Cole, Iowa
1st Runner Up:  Lauren Baranowski, Florida
2nd Runner Up:  Ellen Dahlquist, Minnesota
3rd Runner Up:  Kennedy Schaefer, Nebraska
4th Runner Up:  Abigayle Goodwin, Alabama
People's Choice Winner:  Sierah Guajardo, Texas
Miss Congeniality:  Stephanie Glover-Sawyer, California
The Miss Nationwide Pageant is excited to announced that we are reverting back to our roots and again becoming an internet based pageant competition.  While we were thrilled to be able to hold an actually live pageant last June in Houston, TX, we feel that in order to truly set the Miss Nationwide system apart from the plethora of other pageant systems out there, we need to be truly unique.  The response while we operated as a internet based competition for three years was wonderful and resulted in three great Miss Nationwide titleholders.  By returning the to the internet based format, we feel we are truly setting ourselves apart in the pageant industry.  

Our mission is to honor and recognize accomplished, intelligent young women across the nation and allow them to use their personal platform to showcase their unique attributes and passions.   Our competition is exciting and unique because all areas of competition are strictly Internet-based. This translates to no expensive entry fees, travel expenses, or wardrobe worries. However, our areas of competition have been carefully created to showcase each applicant`s individuality, accomplishments, and potential. Each contestant will create an online portfolio that will be scored by our judges. 


During her year of service, Miss Nationwide will speak to various groups and organizations regarding her personal platform of choice and will also promote the Miss Nationwide system as our face and ambassador.  Our areas of competition reflect what Miss Nationwide will be doing during her year: speaking, being a role model, and engaging and inspiring all those she interacts with.   The competition is  open to young women between the ages of 18 and 28.

Miss Nationwide Winners

Bhagya Mann, Michigan
Lisa Opie, Florida
Katie Cole, Iowa

Miss Nationwide 2015 Highlights

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